New Universe Story

Year of Living the Community: Week Four

This has been a week of big ideas and concrete plans. 

J finished reading The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era - a Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry. 


The narrative of the universe, told in the sequence of its transformations and in the depth of its meaning, will undoubtedly constitute the comprehensive context for the future.

Soon, when the other two members of the starter community have read the book, we'll all be living within and relating to this "comprehensive context for the future." It's the key to the shift in consciousness required for the Great Work; a "functional cosmology" to guide awareness and action. 

The Community set some goals this week: hoping to host a first event by this time next year and to give a first Community of the Cosmic Person award by then, too. Of course, no one is completely sure what any of this means or how to do it...but it's generative and exciting to have some goals to work towards. 

Website development this week included filling in many of the practices of the Cosmic Person/Ecozoic Living.  

It's a shame invasive species like the purple "Salvation Jane"are so pretty! 

It's a shame invasive species like the purple "Salvation Jane"are so pretty! 

Year of Living the Community of the Cosmic Person: Week Two

The team watched Journey of the Universe together - it features in a Coursera course Jana is taking. 

Jana writes:
The movie made me think about 4 characteristics of the Cosmic Person

  • connectedness: it suggests a radically de-personalised sense of being part of the whole and I find this liberating
  • subjectivity: the frame of reference changes - one is a subjective part of the universe rather than (or as well as) a particular individual
  • communion: the story is about the bond of all things being based on the shared energy and material of the "great flaring forth" (aka the Big Bang)
  • differentiation: these two realities - communion and differentiation - are somehow no longer dualistic; being unique configurations of the same energy and material means that both communion and differentiation are equally and concomitantly true