Year of Living the Community: Week 33


a post by CCP convener, Jana

the 'canvas' awaits

the 'canvas' awaits

As part of the Experiment in Ecozoic Living, I've been enjoying participating in a Coursera specialisation on Journey of the Universe: A Story for Our Times.  Three of the four courses are a varied and deep immersion into the idea of the Ecozoic era and the new universe story; the fourth is a 'capstone' course with a project focus. Learners can choose to work in one of three areas: Arts & Media, Education, or Transformation. As a way of exploring Ecozoic Living from a new angle, I've chosen Arts & Media and hope to complete a found-object sculpture. 

The idea of the sculpture is 'Gateway to the Ecozoic', thinking in terms of the 'shift in consciousness' towards human beings learning to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner. Ecozoic Living is a conscious choice to enter into a new way of being, like opening a gate onto a new path. 

On the weekend, I found my 'gate.' (The actual farm gates and Victorian fence gates at the reclaimed building supply place were cost prohibitive but there was a rickety old metal screen door frame going cheap.)

This week begins the search for objects. I'm hoping to incorporate all five elements: fire, earth, water, air and metal as well as some plants. And I hope I'll be able to make it kinetic and interactive. It's supposed to be completed by mid-June so I've got my work cut out for me. 

Other projects in the course include a Cosmic Drive someone is hoping to create along a stretch of highway in Tasmania, a public information campaign on how to continue to observe one's Hindu commitments in ways that are more 'mutually beneficial' to the Ganges and the people of faith in that region, and an amazingly comprehensive curriculum about the new universe story based on the Montessori model of education. 

Unfortunately, there has been a technical issue and once we review other participants' projects we can't access them anymore. Someone in the group has taken the initiative to invite us to share more with each other on one of the discussion forums, which is great. I'm not alone in my hope that participating in the course will inspire, connect, and equip me for Ecozoic Living. 

It's amazing to realise that people all over the world are engaging with these ideas and the new universe story in such creative ways. 

this beautiful collage 'borrowed' from

this beautiful collage 'borrowed' from