Year of Living the Community: Week 11

Are you offering anything practical?

Last night, friend of CCP John Baxter screened Journey of the Universe. The movie is a great introduction to the wonder of the epic of evolution, the story of the universe that we are the first generation to know so fully. The book is more scientific, but the film brings the story to life. Two thumbs up! 

In discussion after the movie, John prompted conversation about the Community of the Cosmic Person. Someone asked, "Are you offering anything practical?"

Wonder is not just another emotion; it is rather an opening into the heart of the universe. Wonder is the pathway into what it means to be human, to taste the lusciousness of sun-ripened fruit...
— Journey of the Universe

JANA: Yes...and no.

No in the sense that CCP is intending to support a shift in consciousness about our human role as a species within the community of life on Earth.

(Ecozoic Living = learning to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner)

Yes in the sense that a new consciousness of the place of the human within the on-going creativity of the universe offers coherent purpose to every practical thing we do. Everything we do becomes part of fulfilling our individual expression of the destiny of our species (see below).

The question of practicality used to haunt me. What can I possibly DO to stop the human devastation of the planet? No matter how short my showers, the water I save will never offset the water wasted in big agriculture, to give one discouraging example. 

My shift in thinking towards Ecozoic Living has released me from the compulsion to fix the problem and the stifling sense of incapacity to do so. I am free to participate in the flourishing of life on Earth (aka - the destiny of our species). 

My shorter shower does not have to save the world; it saves me through a sense of purpose that is celebratory, vivid, and true to the reality of interconnectedness that defines the universe itself. 

Jana didn't have the last word, though. Someone else at the event, who happened to be just about to finish Year 7, said, "Who knows? You might connect with someone who does have the capacity to make a big practical difference." Well, who knows indeed...