Year of Living the Community: Week 10

It was a week of being out and about in the city, making some Ecozoic Connections.

The HQ of the Community of the Cosmic Person is going to get a little bit greener, thanks to a matching grant from our local Adelaide City Council. With the award, we'll be able to move forward in creating a green wall on the streetside of the courtyard. Mandy put in the grant application, calling the project "Charlotte's Place for Herbs" to play off the name of our street with our intention to connect with the neighbours. Congrats, Mandy! 

CCP Experiment Team Member Mandy receiving the award of a Green City Grant from Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese this week. 

Also this week, Jana attended a networking meeting of the Australian Institute of Urban Studies because friend of CCP John Baxter was giving a talk on his Tiny House project. When completed, John's will be the first official Tiny House in the state of South Australia. The talk was inspiring and invigorating, as the challenges of such a counter-cultural project became clear but so did the resolve of people like John who believe in "small is beautiful." 

John Baxter talking about his Tiny House project (shown on the screen with the supportive community of the Unitarian Meeting House of Adelaide who made space for the beginning stages of his build).

This event was a great opportunity to connect with other Cosmic Persons, including Reb Rowe of the Adelaide Bike Kitchen and Farrin Foster, editor of CityMag. Her bio for the event says she specialises in "telling individual stories that reflect larger truths." How cosmic is that? Jana also reconnected with Heidi and Mike, two artists with an interest in intentional community who use their art to engage their commitments to a variety of social justice issues. 

It's been a good connecting week...