Year of Living the Community: Weeks 45 & 46


posting by Jana

It's been a very busy couple of weeks around the CCP, editing scripts, filming, and editing video for the first on-line course: Go Deep Green. Today I was able to upload the Introduction to the video to the Facebook CCP, with this written explanation of the project: 

Hello, Conversation Community - I want to share with you the Introduction video for an on-line course in development called 'Go Deep Green'. It's about locating the energy to sustain your sustainability and activate your activism! 

The course grew out of my own need to reframe how to be present to the planet in these incredibly challenging times. 

This week I finished filming and editing the first video in the short course. Here's what the course looks like:


Unit 1 - Reinterpreting the role of human beings on the planet (how the new universe story gives us a sense of belonging that expands and relaxes our sense of purpose)

Unit 2 - Reimagining the part we can play in the flourishing of the whole community of life on Earth (how to switch from problem-solving to participating)

Unit 3 - Reigniting your Earth love (how to tap back into what made you fall in love with the Earth in the first place) 


For each Unit there is a short video with input on the topic, reflection questions, discussion prompts, and a resource page with more info. 

I'll be doing a 'promo' video for it, too, but that comes after I've finished editing all the sections since I'll take bits from them to make it. 

I would really appreciate you having a look, discussing, and putting some affirmative comments about it here and on the YouTube channel. (Please send your constructive comments about how to make the videos better directly to me through Messenger or email - I welcome them, too!) 

This content of this course has been a long time in development...46 weeks, or the past four years since I first read The Great Work, or a lifetime...

And this is just the beginning - of both the Go Deep Green course creation and the on-line school for CCP. The other course in development is the 'biggie' - The Certificate Course in Ecozoic Living: Learning the Framework. Then there will be the second in that series, Living the Framework. 

I hope people do indeed get new energy for activism out of these resources. I hope they find new connections with like-minded people. And I hope somewhere in connecting with the CCP, people feel encouraged and empowered to live out the Earth love that's in them, deeper than anything. (In case it isn't obvious: I count myself amongst the people for whom I carry these hopes.)

Your comments on the video are very welcome. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, too. (It's helpful if you comment on the videos occasionally. Thanks!)