Year of Living the Community: Week Six

At yesterday's weekly Community meeting, we talked at length outcomes and expectations for Ecozoic Living.

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It is hard to imagine that individuals undertaking a shift in consciousness in order to learn to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner is going to amount to anything. Shouldn't we be doing more - to say that climate change is an urgent, pressing reality is an understatement. And yet we know that "Reflection is indicative of deep learning, and where teaching and learning activities such as reflection are missing… only surface learning can result." (Biggs 1999 in King 2002) The key to sustained efforts, deepening efforts, at addressing climate change is learning.

The philosophy of individualism that emerged out of the Enlightenment was at first just a new and radical idea; a new consciousness. The interdependency - verified by evolutionary and ecological sciences and experienced as spiritual connectedness - at the heart of the New Universe Story is an idea that is catching on in various places and pockets of Western industrialised culture (and has always existed within many indigenous cultures around the world). It will/can/may come to permeate all the systems and activities of human culture. 

Some work for the week ahead is to try articulating some rationale for Ecozoic Living. Asking the "why" question at least five times! 

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