Year of Living the Community: Week 15

All our efforts to become an environmentally sustainable species must be rooted in deep relationship with nature; without this relationship, all our efforts toward sustainability will be subtly flawed in ways that will eventually be our undoing.
— M. Amos Clifford

Textures from the mangroves off of the Port Adelaide River near Garden Island.

This week in the Community of the Cosmic Person, summer mode continues. Close relationships with nature are being nurtured: stretching shade cloth over the roof top garden to try to protect the plants from multiple days of 40C+ temps; kayaking in the mangroves near Port Adelaide with dolphins and birds; receiving the green wall equipment and beginning to figure out when, where, how to install it (after the very hot weather, for sure). 

M. Clifford Amos is "one of the leading voices for Shinrin-Yoku-inspired Forest Therapy in the US," according to the publication "A Little Handbook of Shinrin-Yoku" delivered to CCP HQ this week. Jana is enrolled to attend a week-long course with Clifford's Nature and Forest Therapy Guides program in April and received the guide as part of the pre-package for the course; the course leads to certification in leading Forest and Nature Therapy experiences, which Jana believes can play a key role in "learning to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner." Thomas Berry talks about such experiences as learning to read the Book of Nature. 

Don't forget that you can share your Ecozoic Story - for example, how have you developed literacy in reading the Book of Nature?