nature connection as co-flourishing

The heart of Ecozoic Living is relationship: learning to be present to the planet is a relationship practice. As in any other relationship, the human-Earth relationship thrives on attention, participation, reciprocity.

The Community of the Cosmic Person partners with Nature & Wellbeing Australia to offer experiences in nature connection; opportunities to cultivate a mindful relationship with the world around-and-within us.

The practices of nature connection revolve around a simple question that opens up the world:

What are you noticing?


take a five minute forest therapy break

Try out the Forest Therapy experience with this Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs* video: “This video is an experience of one of the most common invitations given during guided Forest Therapy walks. Simply relax while noticing what is in motion in the forest. No effort is needed. Notice how you feel after watching.”

*Jana Norman, convener of the Community of the Cosmic Person, and several other community members are Certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guides through this Association.

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nature & wellbeing australia events

Find opportunities for Nature Connection in Australia at the Nature & Wellbeing Events page.

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Nature connection blog

Nature Connection guides share evidence based research on the health, mental health and wellbeing benefits of nature connection as well as their insights into the practices on this Nature & Wellbeing Australia blog.