cosmic commitments

To be a Cosmic Person to live the truly big questions
with focus, intention, and commitment

Photo by Delpixart/iStock / Getty Images
Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
How should we live together?
How can the Earth Community flourish?
— Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker

The Community of the Cosmic Person identifies three dimensions of living these questions: deepening our awareness of and responsiveness to the cosmological imperatives that govern all life on Earth; developing the particular mode of conscious awareness that occurs in the human species; and celebrating the human capacity for spirituality

cosmological imperatives

All life on Earth is governed by three cosmological imperatives: differentiation, subjectivity, and communion. Even human beings...

conscious awareness

Human beings have a particular capacity for consciousness: we experience transcendence, self-awareness, and sensitivity. These experiences make us alive to our role in the universe.

spiritual wellbeing

To be Cosmic is to learn to be mutually beneficial to the planet. What is most beneficial to human beings? Spiritual wellbeing: self-actualisation, connectedness, and consonance.


Cosmic Commitment Cards

Cosmic Commitment Cards highlight tools for practicing the Cosmic Commitments. 

The first CCC is a practice for Consonance, an aspect of Spiritual Wellbeing that relates to having a sense of fit or resonance between values and practices. 

The second CCC is a practice for Self-Awareness in the Conscious Awareness category of Cosmic Commitments that relates to the human capacity for self-reflection

The third CCC is a practice for Transcendence, an aspect of Conscious Awareness that relates to the human capacity for awe & wonder as guides to the Ecozoic.