Year of Living the Community: Week 52


posting by Jana

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The journey of growing into the Community of the Cosmic Person began a year ago this week. 

Then we were talking to ourselves - 3 people living in community exploring the notion of becoming Cosmic Persons

Now other people are talking about it too

on the Facebook page

in the Facebook conversation group

on Twitter

Then there were hunches about how to play a part in the Great Work of our time, shifting from a time of human devastation of the planet into the Ecozoic Era: a time when people from cultures that have dominated nature for centuries will learn to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.  

Now the Community of the Cosmic Person exists with online community, support, and resources to inspire, connect and equip people for Ecozoic Living. 

Then the issue that spurred us on had a feeling but not a name. 

Now we've got the name: we're calling it 'planet panic.' It's the feeling of learned helplessness and hopelessness in the face of overwhelming evidence for and, increasingly, lived experiences of anthropogenic climate change and ecosystem destruction. 

The Community of the Cosmic Person was born out of the despair that can overwhelm people who both love the Earth and read the news. People like us. That exhausting and often immobilising sense of desolation is what we're aiming to respond to by telling a better story about the human-Earth relationship. 

Now we've figured it out. The Community of the Cosmic Person is a resource network for recovery from planet panic. 

Then - in the coming months and years - the network will grow in people and tools for empowering a better way to love the Earth as it is and where you are. 

With gratitude for all the early adopters who, with patience and goodwill, have helped us clarify what we're on about, it's time to step across the threshold into a second year of being and becoming.