Year of Living the Community: Week 35


post by Jana

It's been a busy week around the CCP; everyone seems particularly snowed under at work. (I've been filming the first unit of the Certificate Course in Ecozoic Living on top of everything else. That project has a long way to go...)

gotta love the green screen!

gotta love the green screen!

There was time last weekend to make some Earth community connections. 

On Friday night the CCP Experiment Team attended a screening of Seed: The Untold Story as part of the Transition Film Festival here in Adelaide. There is nothing I can say that the trailer doesn't say better:

On Saturday, we trooped back to the same precinct, the experimental arts precinct in the northwest corner of the CBD, for an ACE Open gallery tour and installation events. Of particular interest was a body-centred performance art piece by Tongan Punake (traditional poet/master artist) Latai Taumoepeau called 'Ocean Island Mine'. Since CCP team member Mandy has long-standing connections to Tonga, we had a lovely conversation with the artist after her endurance piece finished. 

Another work by Latai was also featured as part of a larger installation called 24 Frames Per Second, an international collaboration focusing on dance outside of the black square of theatre. This piece, 'Repatriate', is also very confronting. Here's an interview with Latai about the work.

Finally, to close out the weekend, it was time to meet some new neighbours at a drinks get together down the street. Everyone knows us as the vertical garden house! 

lettuce from 'the great (green) wall' of Charlotte Place

lettuce from 'the great (green) wall' of Charlotte Place

All in all, I'd rate this past weekend as 5-star Cosmic for its immersions in the wonder of the processes of life in the form of seeds and the resilience of seed masters around the world; for the face-to-face connection and confrontation with eco-colonialism; and its gentle neighbourliness. 

And speaking of neighbourliness, here's a beautiful article Paul came across and shared this weekend, too. It's very clear to me now that my childhood friend, Mr Rogers, was a Cosmic Person through and through, defined by presence and mutual benefit.