Year of Living the Community of the Cosmic Person: Week Two

The team watched Journey of the Universe together - it features in a Coursera course Jana is taking. 

Jana writes:
The movie made me think about 4 characteristics of the Cosmic Person

  • connectedness: it suggests a radically de-personalised sense of being part of the whole and I find this liberating
  • subjectivity: the frame of reference changes - one is a subjective part of the universe rather than (or as well as) a particular individual
  • communion: the story is about the bond of all things being based on the shared energy and material of the "great flaring forth" (aka the Big Bang)
  • differentiation: these two realities - communion and differentiation - are somehow no longer dualistic; being unique configurations of the same energy and material means that both communion and differentiation are equally and concomitantly true