Go Deep Green

Year of Living the Community: Week 47


posting by Jana

This has been such a learning experience - learning how to use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro and how to create and launch online courses (thanks SO MUCH Video School Online!); learning how to use the uni recording studio (thanks, Dave!); learning where to find free stock photos (thanks, Amanshu!), free stock video, and great music at fair prices; and learning how to settle down, clarify ideas and intentions, and make an offering to others out of what is meaningful to me in the hopes that it might inspire, connect, and equip others well and truly. 

I hope this doesn't sound too Academy Award, but there are people to thank! Thanks to Lucy for great editing ideas, Debbie and Pauline for reading the scripts, and Mandy and Paul for listening, listening, and more listening during the development. And to the F2F Community of the Cosmic Person in Adelaide who share energy, calm, stories, and real & good conversation. 

It's easy to enrol and I hope people will! My real hope for this course is that people start discussing the topics together and sharing resources, building community around the idea of living a bigger story about the role of human beings in the universe (not big as in 'more dominating' as if we need that! but big as in fitting into the bigger picture); a better story about how we participate in the flourishing of the whole community of life on the planet; and living out of the energy of our original Earth love stories. 

Here's how you get there...