the earth context

By definition we (human beings) are that reality in whom the entire Earth comes to a special mode of reflexive consciousness.
We are ourselves a mystical quality of the Earth...
— Thomas Berry

The earth implies limits - earth is a closed system. 

Human beings can't just be about our own individual life projects; we also have to be about the project of life itself.  

There are three components of being aware of the earth context: transcendence, self-awareness, and sensitivity.



being a cosmic person in the earth context


We become aware of the earth context when it takes our breath away. 

How does a Cosmic Person invite transcendent experiences? 


We become aware of the earth context when we take account of ourselves as embodied and insightful beings. 

How does a Cosmic Person practice self-awareness? 



Human beings are sensitive to the 'tension of existence in time within the phenomenal world' and we can 'enter this reality in a creative rather than an unconscious and destructive manner.'
 - Brian Swimme in The Universe Story

How does a Cosmic Person remain sensitive to the fleeting wonder of life?